Blogs we Follow or find useful

Road to Wander Jodie is our daughter and together with her partner Shaun (soon to be husband) have been travelling the world since they were about 16 years old, and they have hardly been home (Guernsey) since.  Both are creative and absolutely love this world that we live in.  They are currently based in Perth Australia. (October 2017).

Soaring through the Sky Pamela and Shannon are two very good friends of Jodie and Shaun and together they have been all over the world.  They have some amazing photographs and tips to share.

Our Leap of Faith Paul and Michele are travelling Europe in their 1999 Pilote, named Paloma (Faith) and their dog, Bentley.  They would love you to join them on their journey.

Our Bumble Craig & Joanne and their two dachshunds Mac ‘n’ Tosh have been travelling around Europe since 2013.  They have a very comprehensive website absolutely brimming with tips and stories of their travels.

The Grey Gappers  David & Karen a couple in their mid 50’s.  For us, their story was inspirational enough for us to make the decision to pack it in and have a go.  Their website hosts fellow travellers, all their stops and reviews with locations.  They were lucky enough to be given the loan by Elddis of one of their top of the range Encore Motorhomes to take ‘the long way home’.

Our Tour  Julie & Jason Buckley have travelled extensively in their motorhome.  We have just purchased their latest book, Motorhome Morocco, which is packed with information about touring Morocco in a Motorhome.  Their website pages include money and finances, maps, GPS, and anything else you might find useful in planning a trip around Europe.

Follow our Motorhome  Andrea & Paul have been travelling in their motorhome since 2016 intending to travel for a year but have caught the bug and after a short stint back in the UK at the end of 2016 they took off again.  Their website if full of information from choosing a motorhome, preparation and tips and product reviews.

The Motoroamers  Miles & Karen a fun loving couple who sold up, packed in and brought a motorhome to travel, seeking out new countries and explore new cultures.  They have an entertaining website with lots of videos and clips taken using their drone ‘Dave’.

If you would like us to add your website to our page, just drop us a line with the details.  Together we can inspire more to ‘pack it all in and go and get it’